help with ICC and color management needed (will pay!)


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I have been getting inconsistent color with my hp latex printer for a while now. Below lists what I have done thus far, and I am at the point where I may need to adjust some color curves to get grays to come out gray, and not a purplish hue. The lighter neutral grays seem to be the biggest problem as well as the grainy print.

Printer - HP Latex 115
RIP - Flexi 19 Print and Cut HP Edition
Media - SAV

Replaced all print heads
performed PH alignment
cleaned all the new print heads via the service menu on the printer right after replacing
removed and re-installed ICC profile
performed color calibration

Before doing the above, I printed a job that had gray and blue only. It printed the gray with a
purplish tint to it. After all the above WAS performed, I printed that same job and it printed perfectly.
So this tells me that one of the print heads were not firing at 100%, maybe deformation of the nozzles was the diagnosis I assumed from what HP Techs told me over the phone.

I then continued printing other jobs that had gray in them, but those grays came out with a
purplish tint to them. I'm not sure if its just not hitting THAT particular gray and over compensating
with magenta to correct it? I am not experienced with color management enough to be confident in correcting these color issues myself. I am reaching out to someone here who is experienced and is willing to help me with setting up my ICC and output colors, color curves etc. I am willing to pay for the help!