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help with master by desay


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if anyone is fimilar with this machine i sure could use some help just purchased this machine(yea i know ya get what ya pay for,but the price at $300, i couldn`t refuse) after i ran the test i shut it down to go to the mall,now when i start it back up the blk. case that holds the needle is vibrating up an down like a jack hammer,which is causing the needle to poke the vinyl.
can`t use the buttons or anything,it`s gotten so loud that i shut it down,because it sounds like it`s doing some serious damage.
please if anyone know s a solution,i could really use the help.
thanks ............te


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QUOTE: ".....but for the price at $300, I couldn't refuse"

??? You're kidding right ?

Why didn't you look at it like......If I don't buy, I'll save $300 and can put that towards a machine that works.

You spent $300 (now you're out the $300) and still don't have a machine that works.

What strange logic. I just don't get it.

What if someone offered a brand new BMW for only $500 ? The only catch is, it won't run, it has no motor, the doors are locked and you can't get inside, there's no title, no wheels or tires. I guess for for a moment you get to enjoy the illusion of having bought a BMW for $500.

I understand the problem of....."I just didn't know"......but at least 99% of all the advise given on this chat forum is BUYER BEWARE !!!! when it comes to off brand plotters.

Did your machine work before you bought it ? If so then it should work now. Tell the seller you want your money back. (good luck with that)

Now you'll get to spend your time trying to figure out how to get your machine to work instead of spending your time making signs. One way.....you saved a few dollars......the other way......you'd be making a few dollars.


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Did you not get advise ahead of time ? Or you just didn't know ?

Or did you get advise but didn't pay heed to the advise you got ?

Maybe my lecturing will help you avoid the same thing happening again down the road. If so then you can view it as $300 spent on an education....money well spent.


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Read thru this post http://signs101.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=12770 and you'll find a post by replicator saying "don't buy master by decay" (or whatever)

I don't know but it's possible replicator has some experience with your brand of plotter.

It couldn't hurt anything....maybe send him a PM.

Hang in there.....you'll probably be able to get it going in time.



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it makes no differance if i got advice or not..i`ve read on this fourm good and bad about the master..i have a roland pnc 1100 that works just fine,this is just a back up..about the $300,i make money...money doesn`t make me..


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so.....you're saying you're glad you bought the $300 plotter ?

if your roland works fine why do you need a back up ?

you prbly already know but here's the link to master by decay web & tech support: http://www.desaypc.com/
Te - The answer to your solution is call Desay on Monday morning. As for Buddy giving you a lecture - your original post stated:

yea i know ya get what ya pay for

There are a few people that are having some luck with these machines, but it is like throwing darts with your eyes closed. The point is that you should have put some more thought into it before you got greedy and thought that you would win the raffle.

Anyway, what's done is done - you own it now. FYI - Desay does not issue refunds without heavy return fees. They will, though, help you get the machine up and running (and sometimes they need to go back for replacement).

Just for kicks, unplug everything (power cords and cables). Turn off your computer, making sure that all print queues are clear before turning off. Let it sit for a few minutes, and reconnect. It sounds like you still have some code being transmitted or stored in memory, or even the machine's buffer - which would mean that you shut down the machine before it was done doing what it was supposed to during the test.


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te....my bark is worse than my bite.....I know I'm an ass much of the time.....I'm trying to improve. Feel free to jump my case anytime I need it jumped - I can take it.

my apology for unloading on you


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I think what is happening is you are sending a file to the plotter that is too big.

There is a switch on the plotter that is triggered when the head goes too far.

This shuts off the plotter at the stepper motor circuit board.

But the computer sends the next move, and it drives the head back towards the end of the plotter, where it triggers the switch, shuts off the machine for a second, then the computer sends more...etc.

This results in a loud clacking sound. The movement causes the head to crash into the side of the plotter over and over again. This will also cause the head to come off the track.

You must be sure not to send any files larger than the plotter can handle.




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Personally I would never buy a machine from Desay again EVER ! ! !

But don't take my word for it :





They've ripped myself and many, many others off, and their attitude after

the sale was like : who the hell are you, we don't give a crap about you

or the fact that you purchased something from us that doesn't work right,

your screwed, see ya !


Good Luck !


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I have a Masters... never had that same problem though...
As far as Desay... we had decent experiences with their tech support so I can't agree on that end BUT if I had it to do over I would have waited and gotten a better machine. The Masters has a lot of little quirks that are a pain and it has more than paid for itself many times over, but it has definite limitations. It is a VERY LOUD machine to begin with too.
If you bought it from Desay you can call and they should be able to help, but if you bought it used somewhere else, then you may have to chalk it up to a $300 mistake...


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Mistakes are learning experiences......and like buying something.....you always hope to get it at the lowest cost possible !!


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That's what I was going to see. See if the machine is on pounce mode.

And yeah, you get what you pay for. Probably should've gotten a name brand plotter. I bought my first plotter just as I was turning 16, and I paid $850. But it was a used Graphtc and I learned how to use it in a couple hours, and it never broke down on me, even after several years of use. The thing is now getting ancient and I still keep it around for a backup, because it's UN BREAKABLE.

Moral of the story, don't buy $300 plotters. :wink:

Check the pounce thing....
buddy i have only seen one other poster here make as many posts as you in such a short time...and that is flamer and i myself wouldnt want to be linked with that even though he is improving but the overall tone of your posts....well you said you could take it.

i am not a fan of these brands of plotters either and in my consultation for other sign shops i am often forced to have to deal with them. i have seen this happen on two occasions and one "supposedly" was doing it because the operator out of frustration of the plotter not operating repeatedly sent the file to the machine....why this was the outcome i have no idea, however, we turned off the plotter, turned off the computer...restarted computer then the plotter and it operated fine, my thought is that the machine was not confused because of all the information being sent to it at the same time.

the other time the belt that moves the carriage that holds the blade had become frozen in place and in trying to free itself appeared to be moving back and forth and trying to initiate a cut sequence to no avail and the plotter needed to be returned.

so obviously reboot and see if that fixes it, if not make sure you have not selected pounce in your software, and if you are still experiencing problems call the dealer tomorrow...
even after several years of use

but you're only 17 :Big Laugh

A note on Chinese plotter and equipment. The Chinese can and do manufacture some good stuff. These are products that have extensive engineering and quality control. Here is the catch...........

Our thirst for cheap products is a common joke in China. Capitalizing on this are people who source the cheapest of the cheap, and then market it to buyers in North America. I stress North America because the Europeans and the Britts will not put up with it. The end result are products like Desay plotters, that are nothing more than throwing dice.

These products will keep coming, if we continue buy these products. ANYBODY that looks at these plotters and does not heed the warning of reviews is just showing that they have a propensity towards lousy workmanship. This was not the case when nobody knew what these plotters, and other products were. Now the word is out.

BTW, te, I have to ask that if you are making a profit, why would you not upgrade to a 'mo better plotter, and make the current one a backup?