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Need Help help with pnc 1100


New Member
I've got a pnc-1100 that the computer I've always used died. My only other "old" computer is windows 7 with no parallel or serial ports. I obtained a parallel to usb cord. I cant get it to do anything... Of course the vinyl master I used isn't compatible with 64 bit. I downloaded their demo, but the spooler will not do a test cut. When I try to change the driver info, it says that its not 64 bit. If I go through vinyl master setup utility, it finds it as a usb direct connection. Anyone have any insight? I'll buy newer software if I need to, but I want to make sure it will work first.


New Member
If I recall correctly not all usb to parallel adapters are wired the same...If I recall correctly Tripp Lite Keyspan adapters used to work best.
I would try usb to serial in the tripp lite keyspan # USA-19HS. I used one with my old roland plotter and win xp, but haven't tried it with a win 7 machine.
Parallel cards for your win 7 machine are very inexpensive, to try it parallel to parallel.