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Help with PNC 1100


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I am getting a new Graphtec FC7000-75. But my old plotter is a Roland PNC 1100 and I am having problems with it that I can not figure out. It doesn't close the letter all the way and is offset. Registration marks are off set (see photo). The first cut is fine but after a few minutes it starts to act up. If I cut a circle, the cut will not be complete and is offset. Is this post redundant or what? I replaced the nylon protection strip & still sucks. Help, I need to cut a job, until my new baby gets here on the UPS truck.
Attached is an example of the cut. I hope the image helps.


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    Bad Cut.jpg
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what program are you cutting with? do you have another program that cuts? also did you do a test cut fromm the plotter? call me i got 2 of em.....1-850-944-5060