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Sorry.... but I can match some of the letters most of the time, a few of the letters some of the time but all of the letters none of the time....

Only have a repretoire of about 8 or 9000 fonts... maybe some with a wider selection will have more luck.

good luck


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It is close to this font, but not quite-this one is called "Willow" it has a roughness to it though, if you want, II can type it out for you, but you would have to clean it up.


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Fred Weiss

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This one is called Rennie Mackintosh Bold. It's smooth edged but has a double crossbar on the "A".

If you prefer it, I can also type out whatever you need.


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Closer than what I've found thus far, which was Eccentric. I need it for some custom cast aluminum letters so I might be able to pass something close. Who offers the best deal on purchasing fonts online? I'll need to buy whatever comes closest.




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Mark, if you haven't located this font yet, I looked through a couple of the weblinks under commercial fonts. Fonts.com had the ITC Rennie Macintosh Bold font for $32.00.
www.myfonts.com had it for $21.00.


Fred Weiss

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Actually Rick was correct in his identification as Willow ..... also available at MyFonts.com for $21.00. I thought Rick had been referencing a clone font named Willow since Adobe has a well known font by that name in their woodcut series ..... but it looks nothing like the font in question.

Willow is a Letraset design and is probably one of the very few times you will ever find two fonts from major foundries with the same name.

Willow was designed by Tony Forster, a fanciful typeface in the Viennese Secessionist style. The work of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired this condensed sans serif typeface with its rough edges and selection of alternate and ligature characters. Willow revives the look of the arts and crafts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.