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Hi, I'm running lxi v7.5 here's my problem- is there any easy way to cut out the bottom layer so I don't have to lay my text on top of the bottom vinyl (see attached photo) I just don't like the ripple effect I'm getting when I lay my text on top of the paw.


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Drip Dry

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Send the whole thing to the cutter in black. Now you have everything cut in black.
Weed out the text.
Cut the text in red, then lay it in right on the backing paper, mask it
and apply it.

Sometimes depending on the size of the final piece, there may be a slight
gap between the text and the paw. It's usually not objectional, but you could consider adding a slight outline on the text only ( then delete the inside lines) A slight overlap of the 2 colors may be good because of normal shrinkage of the vinyl.

Jim T


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Different ways to do this. I'd say IMO you definately need an outline to show seperation from text to the paw. .If it were me I'd put an out line in, then send to plotter , go to advance>send all colors and cut ( with only black ). Then weed out what you don't want and then cut the text seperately....