Here's a new one on the 560.


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So suddenly this morning, I loaded a new roll of print vinyl on the 560. Went through the usual steps....when it was initializing, the head carriage moved as it usually does to scan the material for size. Well it returned and threw up a message saying "move the material 586.something mil. to the right", with 3 buttons, Cancel, Skip and Ok. Skip brings up a screen saying that it thinks I'm loading a transparent material?, then I have to manually enter the material width. If you cancel or hit ok then it just cancels the loading process.
Anyone ever see this? It does look like the sensor on the top is not shooting the light down as it scans, so I assume it isn't detecting any material. I tried to clean the sensor but nothing. No other errors popping up.
I've put in a call to our tech, so we'll see what happens.
HP L360 Have had the line sensor go bad. While we were waiting for a new one we would hit skip and input the settings manually. Everything seemed to work normal. Didn't have any major issues.