Hey Advantage Sign Supply, how about carrying.....


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We use Advantage for many of our supplies, but find they don't offer some basic things we are forced to buy from others. Since they are a MM here, I thought it might have some value to tell them, as a group (if you are using them), what you'd like to see them stock, or what you can't get from them that causes you to use their competitors.

I'll start the list off with :

The Big Squeegee product line. We've bought 2 of their products so far and we've got one more on the list to get in the short term. Each time we bought one, I asked if they stocked them and was told no. In fact, we're about due for some replacement parts for one of them and it's be nice to pick them up from there also. Not stocking this makes me use your competition.

So come on Advantage, pick up the Big Squeegee line!

Second would be some form of substrates. Doesn't have to be a wide range of everything out there, but some basic substrates would be excellent.

Anyone else got anything they'd like to see Advantage carry?


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Our local Advantage is carrying a lot of the typical substrates now.

Do you have a local location?



Are you suggesting that the quality of Advantage's substrates would be like Walmarts produce? :Big Laugh

FWIW, I have never been a customer of Advantage


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I've never thought of using produce as a substrate before... hmm. This weekend I may wrap a head of lettuce and perhaps some peaches too. Is there any easy way to "de-fuzz" peaches?


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I just meant that if supplier A doesn't carry what I need, I go to supplier B.I understand this isn't always convenient for some (both our suppliers are within a 3 minute drive from us) but you can't really expect every supplier to carry every single product that every single sign shop requires.

Just sayin'...

Thanks for that Captain Obvious. I never would have thought to use another supplier. I feel so stupid now. Thanks for pointing that out.

It's called being a partner with your suppliers so that they can provide you with the best possible experience. Do you ever have customers ask you if you can do something you haven't done before? Do you tell them to find someone else or do you try to help your customer out if you are able to do so? It's called working together.


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As an employee of Advantage- I always want to hear what we should be carrying and don't as it always affects many things when you have to go some where else. Obviously we can't carry everything but there is a ton of stuff we still need to get. I will make sure to send this to the Product team to take a look at it and see what we can do.

you can always look at our full offering on our web store at www.advantagesignsupply.com

Thank you!



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I didn't ask them to carry everything, Matt saw the post exactly as it was meant, a tool to help them improve their service. You saw it as someone wanting one vendor to carry everything, which is not what I said or the intent.

Carry on...

Matt, thanks for posting, hopefully we can help you serve our needs better, I appreciate you being here.