Hey Stan...or anyone else


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I was wondering if you made this reflection with "Gimp" plugin?


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Deaton Design

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Hey Skyhigh, I think Dan Antonelli did a step by step thing in signcraft on this. Cant remember which issue, but I remember seeing it.

Deaton Design

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It was issue 146. But he didnt go into detail on how to do the reflection ,but shouldnt be that hard using photoshop. The article he did was good though on vehicle presentation.


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In Corel,
Copy the image
Flip it in vertically
Convert to bitmap (RGB low res)
Apply guassian or directional Blur
Maybe you could squash it a little vertically
Good Luck!


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Thanks John, Marc & Tom.

I am not a big photoshop user, but that was my first thought. Stan did a nice job with the presentation (although I didn't care for the wrap in the pic I posted...I liked the first one better).

I attended the "4Edge Talk" meet last weekend, where they did this effect in Signlab with "Gimp". I was curious if anyone else was using it.

Also....where this is stemming from.
My biggest problem (which I'm trying to work on) is layout PRESENTATION. I've actually had customers tell me they almost went with my competition because their presentation (on paper) was better, even though the actual sign itself was not as nice.

Damn good thing I'm a likeable kinda guy....:rolleyes: