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Hey there, How is everyone

My name is Ryan Casper, I am the Art Director and Graphic Designer for Camoclad out of Mounds, IL. I have been working here since early summer 2005. Currently I handle most all of the advertising design and cut design processes going into our decals, vehical kits, and offroad vehical kits. Well actually any object that comes through my office door, let it be from a paintball gun to coffee maker or Gun Grabber or anything that our 3M vinyl will stick to. Which is probably just about anything.
Anyway, I have been working with VE LXi Label Design package for about 7 months now, and Illustrator since 2002. Learning as I go pretty much. But its all coming together.
Anyway, just wanted to give some information on myself and say hello to all. I hope I can get some help when needed as well as give assistance where I can.

Scott Reynolds

New Member
Went to your web site. Some pretty neat stuff there. Like the new building. Need to put a shadow under that truck on the home page! :)