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Hey to All


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Hey to everybody. My husband has been using Signs 101 for quite a while and has learned quite a few things from you guys. I've been helping him in our vinyl business for several months now and still have a lot to learn. It's a very interesting business though and I'm looking forward to learning more in the future.


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You deffinitly will especially with all the experience all the users of this board have. Welcome 2 signs101!


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Pretty cool with you helping your husband. My wife is starting to help me out and it is really a big help. Now I need to get her here to Signs 101.



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Hello from California Ms Bennett, :Welcome:

My (2nd) wife of 23 years has been a supberb help in the sign business as well. (the first one could'nt have cared less about it :rolleyes: ) In fact, she's not only a "helper"....she can pull a brush on wall lettering jobs plus weed and apply vinyl like nobody's business! She's my constant sounding board as to what works with layout, color, and design. She's been the best working partner I could ever imagine.......except for that one period of time years ago when I had to threaten her for sexual harassment. :thumb: :Big Laugh



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Welcome, from AZ.everybody here has been great!!my wife is getting pretty good aswell, at first watching her use the software was hilarious and now
she can wiz through it .


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HI from So california.. welcome to signs101.

I work in the sign shop with my better half.. and im loving it..
He doesnt post one 101 yet.. but he reads over my shoulder alot..

Sign One

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Welcome from the White Mountains

Welcome! :Welcome: I have been in business with my SO for 10 years, being together 24/7 aint easy but I could think of a lot worse ways to make a living (had to get full time job between locations a couple of time, SALES- yuck!) while he did the sign work out of the home, It's a great business a lot of fun and a lot of headaches too- these guys are here to help you and sometimes razz you- but it's all good- Good Luck to you!
(sign sales and timeshare or trucking service sales are two way two different things by the way!)
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