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Hey from Ontario...............:Canada:

Just purchased a 24" Summa cutter and opened up a small 'vinyl sign shop' in my basement. Last week I was busy doing doing banners and vinyl on coroplast. I might have a vehicle to do. This week so far no business......

I don't know what the hell I'm doing :biggrin: ...that's why I'm here!

Fred Weiss

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You picked a good place to hang out. Welcome to the forum WB. Good luck with your new business and ask questions as you need to.


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Hi! Stick around a while and you might learn something useful. Not likely but it's possible :) Kidding aside, I think you will find this to be very top-shelf as far as forums go.


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Hi Webbum. I used to live in a basement for 9 years. Loved it. One concern I would have is moisture and heat. I remember it being cold year round, which is no problem for me, but it can raise hell in getting paint to dry, unless you have a good heat source and humidifiers.



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I have also just purchased a vinyl cutter, and already own a printer. but i've been reading on here for a couple of weeks and this is the best place i've found for friendly fast useful advice. Thanks a lots guys!


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I first started in my basement ... I think its natural to start from home. Just dont undercut your prices to much because of that .. Always stay competitive with other shops. This way once you do get out of the house your existing customers wont freak out with any price increases.

One of the last jobs i did in my basement was 2 - 10"x40" banners. When i walked down the stairs, as soon as i got there my table started and took up the major part of the basement. Extra space was soon needed :rolleyes:



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I am working out of the basement and a spare bedroom. Even use the living room once in a while.