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Hello everyone!

I'm not new to the sign industry but new at being out on my own. I worked for a local sign business for 5 or so years, took a couple years away, and now I'm goin out on my own!

Haven't even started yet, really. Just doin my homework on equipment and stuff. Big thanks to all here for there assistance!:U Rock:


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:Welcome: These guys are the best source for help!

What type of equipment are you looking for give us an idea of what you want to do...

Vinyl? Indoor prints? Outdoor Prints? Print/Cut for cars ect...

I plan on doing vehicle boat graphics. This is actually a side job for me while I'm in college. I would love to buy a printer, but that doesn't seem feasible for my situation.

I change my mind often but I am thinking about buying a SSK Designtech 60 cutter. I go back and forth, but I always seem to end up back to the Designtech. I was considering Signwarehouse, but after the comments I've read here about they're poor service I don't think I'll do business there.
Since several people here praised fellers so much I browsed they're website and found out that they have a warehouse about 15 miles away from me! I didn't even know it was there!

Thanks again!

Howard Elijah

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Welcome to the site,these guys are great...and for the love of God steer clear of sign warehouse,made the mistake of going there myself and I wish I would have spent more money and time and gone elsewhere.


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Welcome to signs101.com from Amarillo, TX. Even though it is only a plotter you may want to find some one who sells equipement locally. For some reason if something happens with your plotter a lot of times they will have a loaner to get you by until yours is handled. You can look at Advantage Sign Supply who has incredible customer service. You will reach a point when you can that you will be willing to pay just a little more for that customer service. Supplies I still do use Fellers (formally Ameriban) and they price match against every other dist. out there.
Thanks guys!

Yeah, I've learned the lesson of using local suppliers for good service. Still, the $$$$ is tight. I spoke with a very respectable local supplier (standardsign.com) and they priced me a Gerber P2C-600 with Omega for $2495. Sounds good to me, but I was hoping to purchase plotter, software, some clipart, and initial vinyl supply for that much. Since this endeavor is a part time deal for me while I'm in college, I'm hesitant to put too much dough into it.

I'm anxious to get started! Thanks again for the warm welcome!
Well, I threw out the bucks yesterday and I bought a Graphtec 24'' from rjsigns.com, local for me, and Flexisign software. These guys were great to do business with! I got everything hooked up and it works great!