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Hi Everybody!

scott pagan

New Member
*group response "Hi, Dr. Nick!" (the Simpsons)*

i see some familiar names here.

age 33, married, 1 daughter (2yr old),

i've been in the industry since 1988 (at current shop since '92)
good working knowledge in adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, corel draw, gerber omega, macromedia fireworks, macromedia dreamweaver, 3M Scotchprint graphics maker, most general computer programs (windows and mac), good with fonts, and various install techinques. may be a poor speller and prefer typing in lowercase.

i also love snowboarding, wakeboarding, and in general being outside (you know a Carolina boy).

looking forward to helping out and learning!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Hey Scott ..... welcome to the boards. I've always found your posts at 4EdgeTalk to be among the best.


Mike Paul

Super Active Member
Hey Scott,
a lot of edge head popin' in lately.
Best of all Fred gives everyone a vector art mega collection for signing up!.
Thanks again Fred!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Not quite Mike but SHAMELESS PLUG if anyone is in the market for either Plotter Art and/or Vector Art I will offer special pricing to members here.