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Hi, From the UK

Shaun Price

New Member
Hi every one,
I run a small sign workshop from my farm. I specialise in sandblasting wood,stone and slate signs. I produce about 60 a week. I also run engraving machines and do brass, laminates aluminium. I do do some vinyl and printing but tend to steer away fron vehical graphic and shop signs.
I have a Pro Camm 1, Cadet and a delgren 1516 engraver. The software I have is Signlab 6 expert, Signlab 7 scan & Cut and EngraveLab expert

If anyone needs any help or advice just ask as there is plenty of work around and its nice to know that if you have a problem someone may be able to help rather than trial and error which is how most of us have learnt in the past.

Everone on the site seems a nice bunch and I look forward to hearing from you all.:thankyou:


New Member
Stone and slate. That's interesting. I'm almost afraid to ask, but outside of the memorial sign industry, who buys sandblasted slate and stone?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Welcome to Signs 101 Shaun.

We'd love to see any photos of your work you might be inclined to share with us. All registered members have upload privileges in our gallery.

Shaun Price

New Member
I will send some pics of my work soon. Most of my slate and stone signs are residential house signs but I produce large signs for the bussiness sector as well. The largest slate signs I do are 2meters by 1.5 meters, these are for hotel, factories companies.
The large wooden signs mainly in english oak and the largest ones we have made are 5meters long by 1.5 meters wide and 2.5 thick.


New Member
Hi Shaun, welcome from Michigan,
I too sandblast, mostly HDU, but have done boulders (for addresses/name)and quite a few pavers, never did slate...

do you use silica sand? and what type compressor?

Shaun Price

New Member
I use a soft sand that is made by a specialist firm, it is originally designed for graffity removal. You cannot re use it though, but we blast outside. I use a two tool road compressor that produces about 250 CFM. Ancor tape for my rubbers. For granite we use a re-useable garnet to get the desired depth with out burning the rubbers.