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Hoping for a Miracle


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I need help with this font. Really bad image.


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I found a much bigger image of that logo, very clear, but Find My Font didn't find it. Whoever does FMF might consider adding the font to the database.


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I purchased it in DEC. of 18, & have checked for updates periodically, but says it's up to date. V3.15.15 is what I have
FMF found it in 2 seconds for me

Weird. I have the most up to date version and no luck when I searched either. I decided to do it just to see if I had similar luck and I also used a higher resolution image from a Google search. So when it located it for you, did it find it from the FMF database or was it brought up searching locally on your computer?


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I stand corrected, I have it installed on one computer, (that's why it popped up for me) when trying on another computer it did NOT show up, sorry for the confusion