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how do you do create this outline?


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ok. how do you create additional outlines with fill in either illustrator or coreldraw?

i got the font with the fade down, the first outline (in this case the white) but i cant figure out how to add the third outline?????

im new to design if you cant tell......


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Depending on what you used to create it - either an outline or a contour - you have to separate the outline/contour from the text. After doing so, you'll create a second black outline. I like to use the outline tool cuz it's quicker, but it usually gives me poor results when it is separated from the text.


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well, heres whats happening in illustrator, as seen below. my letters are overlapping each other, which i dont want. im also having problems outlining in illustrator with it making the stroke/thickness of my letters smaller if i increase the stroke of the outline. i want the outline to start on the outside of the letter and move outward, and i want the third outline to be in as in the graphic in my first post, very back.

now, in corel, i cant figure out how to add a second outline. i know in corel you can choose behind fill for your first outline that way it doesnt overlap, nor does it make the stroke of your letters any smaller. i like this, but how would i add a second outline? stumped on that one.....



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Fred Weiss

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In Illustrator:

1. Enter text - default color, no stroke, 72 PT.
2. Set spacing for +25
3. Select All (Control+A), convert text to outlines (Control+Shift+O)
4. Set gradient fill.
5. Object Menu > Path > Offset Path - Set offset for .025"
6. Select outline and set fill for white
7. Select outline and offset path again using setting of .04"
8. Select new outline and set fill for black.

Result below:


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In Corel Draw you can add an stroke to what ever thickness you desire, but when you switch to wireframe you only see the letter not the stroke. If you need it cutable for vinyl production all you need to do is go to arrand menu and select convert outline to object. After that you can do the same proceduce to the object you just created to produce multiple outline of varying thicknesses.

This procedure is better than using the contour feature due to the fact that the contour only produces sharp points and you can't make them round or mitered, you can shoose multiples but they all need to be the same distance from the original object.



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I usually don't use "ouline path" when designing....it's to restrictive when getting the right ouline I want. What I do is give it a outline till I acheive the right look, one it's done I select it then "expand" it, there is usallly some "uniting" that must be done, but this way I have more control while designing and don't have the grouping problem that offset path does. Ths is in Illustrator of course.....


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in corel:
1: Type the text
2: Press CTRL + F9
3: Enter desired thickness, outline, 1 pass and ok.
4: select the first outline, and press CTRL+K to break the outline away from the text
5: Repeat the process with first outline, and break apart the outline to finish.