How do you store your vinyls...


(i dont know in what topic should i put this question...)

So, how do store your vinyls? Becouse i would like to figure out some good standing, that would be fleksible and useable. Now im having rolls just standing on floors, but there is always some problems, when trying to get the roll in the last row... Often the fell like dominos :)

So, are you using some standers or something like that?


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Free-standing rack on wheels that stores the rolls horizontally. But that was my choice due to space limitations; there are racks available that store vertically as well. Easy enough to weld up something, too!


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For the larger rolls we use the shipping "ends" that hold them in place in the boxes. These seem to work excellent, but the new Avery ends we received on a few rolls seem a bit more flexible/cheap, thankfully we have like 10 million of these, lol.

For the 24-30" rolls we had some wall mounts made up. It's just 1/2" plywood at about a 30deg angle off the wall (mounted securely) with iron pipe & pipe fittings screwed into it. We put full 24 & 30" rolls onto it without issues. Getting the pipe threaded was the most expensive part I believe. One 4x8 plywood rack holds 40 rolls, but we do much more printing & use larger rolls anymore.

Scraps & small pieces are still an issue (stored flat under work table), as are small peices of substrate (stored upright on a rolling substrate cart).


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For the colored vinyl rolls we have the metal racks (available from all the sign supply houses) that are free standing. For all the digital rolls we have 2x8's on the wall that are notched with clothes hanger rods that we put the rolls on when not in use. And with 3 of the free standing vinyl stands and 30 spots on the wall for the digital, we still have a forest of roll ends standing on the floor, waiting to fall like domino's.


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I am making wall racks this weekend! They sit on the ground up against a wall, and screwed into the wall studs so they do not fall over. 1" Sch40 PVC pipe to hold the roll. I use floor racks on wheels (heavy duty ones that hold 16 rolls from Fellers) for rolls bigger than 24".


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I first bought the nice 44 roll floor rack from signwarehouse as they had it for the best price I could find @$175.00.

Then about 2 weeks later I found very similar floor racks on Craigslist that look brand new.
The one looks like the 44 roll rack but it holds 33 rolls, and the other one is a double sided floor rack that holds 60 rolls.
I paid $100.00 for both of the craigslist finds from the same seller.

The 44 roll rack is full now and the doulble sided rack has all my app tapes and some heat press vinyl on it, still alot of room to add to it.
I am storing the 33 roll rack for future use.

I should be set for quite awhile.


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We have 4 wire racks that hold 16 rolls each of 24" and 30" vinyl. All smaller rolls and stuff we don't use alot we keep on a shelf. Our print media and laminate we keep in a cabinet with doors to cut down on dust and contamination on them. We use the black plastic end-caps that come in the roll to stand them on.
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wire racks on walls hold our cut vinyl.

plastic ends that come with our digital media hold our digi media free standing with the bags that come with it covering it.

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i had the double rack stand and just hated actually wastes more space than double the amount of space that it takes up when its full...i got one of these cheap on craigslist also, but recently traded for some wall racks... space is a real issue in my shop so this has helped alot..

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I use regular size metal cans, like soup cans or chili, the size is perfect for handling 10 yard or smaller rolls. I have them screwed into a 2" x 4" board. I wouldn't use them for heavy rolls but they're great for the odds and ends that always stack up. I use them for mainly 15" size rolls.

I got the idea from an old Sign Business article about 15 years ago.


so i see...

i see that all of you are using original "stander", that comes in package. So do i. I havent figure out anything that would be more practic and easy to handle...

for cut vinyls, we are using big paper boxes, and keeping them there... but we dont have 30 or more rolls...
I am making wall racks this weekend! They sit on the ground up against a wall, and screwed into the wall studs so they do not fall over. 1" Sch40 PVC pipe to hold the roll. I use floor racks on wheels (heavy duty ones that hold 16 rolls from Fellers) for rolls bigger than 24".

That looks awesome great idea! Post some pics when it`s done.


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We got these made up from a local metal shop, cost us about $40 for the whole set-up.


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your only eating up about 6" off the surface instead of 30".

The 50yd rolls are 6" in diameter, so I made the racks 8" deep.

The "shortie" rack holds 10x 10yd rolls (only 4" in diameter) so I made it 6" deep.

I made two different sizes because I was just trying to maximize yield from CNC'ing the 4x8 sheet. There was enough room for two tall racks (so I will have 8x 50yd rolls and 24x 10yd rolls. If you look close the spacing is narrower for the smaller rolls) on the sheet plus a half sized one.

$29 4x8 plywood
$25 PVC 1" Sch40 10' pieces (bought 10pcs)
$6 1x4 Poplar backer boards. 3pcs.

$60 total.

Oh yeah...
The CNC cutting was done as a barter...otherwise it would have added $75-100. You could do it by hand if you had to but the CNC work is so much cleaner, and easier! LOL! With my costs on the barter the total comes to $75 for the whole kaboodle.

I may add endcaps for the PVC, but Homer wants 54cents each! I need 84pcs! I decided to wing it and see if it is ok without. Didn't think the caps added $50 worth of value.