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Hi All,
Maybe this will help someone? I am just recanting my recent experiences with my ageing VS-640.
Many Problems. Little Money. ( Wish I had Many Money . Little Problems)
My Head is only printing with 50% of nozzles on the Black channel, So you can imaging how banded my blacks were. I Totally know I need a new head.. But I am trying to get a get more cash behind me before forking out the $5000 AUD required.
I then started using DIC Traditional 960p* as my default black and it was a 95% improvement!
Then I started getting severe Cyan overspray. . Dampers were replaced, No joy. I then switched to Unidirectional printing in Versaworks, Problem solved!!! (Yeah. Each job takes twice as long, But luckily, Not much of my work is time sensitive)
THEN! 2 days ago, I got a "Scan Motor Error 0090 0080." That no matter how many restarts would go away.
Power off, I detached the carriage and the Cutter head moved more freely than the actual carriage. The carriage seemed "Notchy"
I cleaned the Rail, but that didn't help. I then losened the grub screws on the RHS of the Rail block and , using a syringe, squirted a mixture of 3 in 1 and Lithium grease behind the plate. I run the head slowly up and down the rail a few times, Added more of the grease, Repeated until the Carriage moved freely.
And here I am... Printing happily again!!!!!!
And.. In Bidirectional! Cyan overspray gone!
Just wanted to share my last 3 weeks with you , and let you all know. There are many ways of looking at problems. I was just about to drop $500 AUD on a new scan motor.

Cheers for reading!!!
All the best from Down Under.
PS. Trust me, I know all of these are Band aid solutions
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