How to change printhead manifold SP300v


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I have a broken manifold on one of the printheads and I just received the new replacement but I don't know a simple process to replace it without messing with
the printhead alignment . I have the service manual but it doesn't specificaly explain how to change the manifold but the printhead . I was considering to do this without turning on the machine and avoid the service mode process .Any advice will be greatly apreciated
I just had to replace one of these also... There is no way around taking the head out. The screws that hold the manifold in place are on the bottoom side of the printhead. Be careful when removing dampers from the manifolds that no ink drips onto the top parts of the head. When installing the new manifold watch and make sure the screw doesn't pop through the rubber nut on top of the manifold. When replacing the print head only tighten the screw farthest to the back and use service mode to to run the new print head allignment check. Adjust to where it is straight and then tighten down.


Screws to change the manifold is begind the si you have to take it off and make thé alignement alter replaçons the head.

Take care to the joint beetwen the head and the manifold!