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How to create a cut line on an Illustrator effect?

Normally I use offset paths to create my cut line..unfortunately when you use an effect such as a drop shadow or extrude and bevel that trick doesn't work anymore.

Is there another trick? Besides clicking my way to a cut line?


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This is probably the hard way. But you can try Opening the file in Photoshop with layers. Select the background and non-filled areas. Then choose the inverse selection option so that the image itself is now selected. You can then expand or contract your selection by 1 pixel at a time til you get the results you need. From there you can create paths to export to Illustrator.
I'm still figuring out the photoshop monster...I'm basically a production guy that learned on flexi, actually cibercut first (lol), then moved to learning illustrator...photoshop is scary and makes me angry every time I use it.


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I see! Well sorry I couldn't be of more help. I understand your frustration.

How 'bout this! In Illustrator. copy the unfiltered text (without the bevel or drop shadow) into it's own layer. Create outlines. Then copy and past that same image again so that it's overlapping and in the position of the drop shadow. Then select both pathes and go to "Pathfinder" and select the "unite" option. This will give you the look of the drop shadow from there you can use the offset paths tool if you need to.

Good luck!
Just transfer your file to flexi use the contour cut feature to make your cut line and then go back to illustrator and create the rest of your file there.


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Depends on your artwork. But how about this. Create your normal cut outline. Select the your new cut contour while holding down the alt key. drag the new copy of your cut contour past your shadow. Select both cut contour and weld them together. I always create my cut contour in a separate layer. Makes things a bit easier to manage.