How to estimate a printing job?


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Just wondering if any of you have some insight on how to price your work? I listed this question here because I am talking about Edge/FX prints only. I am not looking for specific examples like how much should I charge for a bumper sticker, and I know the theory whatever I can sell my stuff for. I am just trying to come up with a logical way to figure out what my prints costs then I can mark items up from there.

Because of the way Gerber's print, with ribbons, I know its possible to get an idea of how many inches will used for each print, so in theory it is possible to get a cost per inch depending on which ribbons are used and what your substrate cost is. With that being said do you charge more for full process color printing then lets say a 2 color spot color print? Do you guys come up with a per inch price?

Ultimately the market will effect your bottom line, but like I said I am looking for a method to use and wanted to see if I am thinking about this the right way. I am interested in any thoughts you all may have.


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I had such a difficult time calculating the cost that I eventually purchased Estimate to do my costing. It allows you to put in your machine, type of material, cost of material, outside costs, inks, ribbons and every thing else that goes into making a sign, wrap, banner, etc... It also does my invoicing, estimates, job status, and much more.