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How to get 3000+ font size


New Member
I'm new here, and new to vynil cutting. Looking forward to learning.

I have a cutter on the way and was working on a project to cut, but I can't seem to get the font to go larger than 3000px in corel draw 12. Any help?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I think you mean 3000 points which is a type measurement. PX is pixels and applies to bitmaps.

I just tried it and there does appear to be a 3000 point limit to point size in Coreldraw. The workaround is to convert the text to curves (Control + Q). At that point you can continue to enlarge the graphic.


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Is a website you can pay 6.00 or so for a load of fonts...... i know this isn't what he wants but it's tip...


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lol. Not a water tower.
Semi trailers
It's cheaper for my family busniess to buy a plotter and do it ourself, rather than pay 2000+ a trailer, which we have been paying for years.
Thanks for the tip on the font size. Now I'm able to create the right size. Thanks.