how to get/put new firmware for JV33


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Hello everyone,
Im are looking for new firmware for JV33-130 and software for upgrade it. I've got already v 1.3 and has a problem to extend expiry date of cartridges...
Also I need exchange printhead, and have no idea how to do this.
If someone has service manual or just head replacement issue, I'll do appreciate for any help...

I've got an experience with jv3, but jv33 printer is much different...
If anybody looking for JV3 service manual or head replacement .pdf - let me know, will send it via email.



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If it all goes horribly wrong, you should have got a tech to do it ;-)

JV33 Head removal & replacement
Before I start disasemmbly I flush the new head through with some compatable solvent and make a note of the head voltages thats on the label

1. Power the printer off , unplug it and then press the power on button twice to discharge the thing.

2. Open the front cover and remove the head carriage cover which is attached by 2 screws.

3. Slide the head carriage off the capping station onto the bed with some clean vinyl under the carriage to protect the bed.

4. Remove the dampers - If these are not already labeled for order (1-8) do so.
Have a supply of cloths ready to catch any drips and move them out of the way.

5. There are three cables connected to the head - the head cables themselves and a multi wire connector.
Unplug the multi wire connector and remove the circuit board fron the head in situ and slide it into your new head.

6.The head is held in the carriage by 3 screws, 2 at the back and 1 at the front. Unscrew these and lift the head out from the carriage.

7. Unplug the head cables. N.B. Examine the cable ends carfully. If the connecters are damaged, replace the cables. Theyre about 20 euros so peanuts compared to replacing boards!

8.Take the new head and insert the head cables, put the head into the carriage and tighten up the three screws (Its easier to drop the screws into the holes before you put the head in the carriage)

9. Attach the multi wire connector and the dampers.

10.Slide the carriage back onto the capping station.

11. Power the printer back up and into service mode, go into the adjust menu and change the voltages.

12, Do a couple of fills and a nozzle test and off you go!

I think thats it...



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Thanks a lot BoF,

Another question - I dont know what about dampers - will I change it too?
How to check the damper? Take it off, and start fill up? This machine stays for long term - couple of months.



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Ok, Ive got new printhead installed,
I need to update instruction posted by BoF...
1. You need to have small (short) philips X screwdriver... to unscrew 2 back screws.
2. More difficult problem is put back head cables (ribbons) you need to use some force to do this....

Another thing is - my new head wasnt have the ID sticker (like oryginal one), so I dont put new values in the service mode... (Also in service menu I didnt found any voltage option - only Head ID - which was equal to the ID printed on the old printhead sticker).

/Printhead was purchased in Digi Print Suppiles for 605 EUR. Just have DX5/JV33/ValueJet Sticker on the box/.



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Head ID updates automatically on a JV33.... You do not have to manually enter values.... It recognizes it upon changing of the head....