Need Help How to improve VW 5 rip performance?


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We're running VW 5 on an FX8350 with 8GB ram. How can we increase performance and reduce our rip times?

As a single-thread program, multi-core CPUs aren't much help, I'm assuming. Which modern CPUs have been found to be good with this version? Roland just tells us to upgrade to 6, but then that doesn't support our XC540. :-( Kinda stuck with 5.


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You are correct that the multi core processors don't help with RIP speed but the clock speed does. The higher the better. That being said, if your RIP and design PC are the same computer, the extra cores do help when you are multitasking. Take a look at the resource monitor while ripping a file and see if the memory is maxing out. If so, I would move up to 16GBs. One thing that will really help is putting VW on a SSD. Half the battle with ripping is loading the large files into memory. The SSD will load much faster than an HDD.


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Upgrading to an SSD wont improve RIP times but will make your PC feel snappier.

You'll probably have a hard time finding cheap-ish DDR3 ram but more may help
upgrading your CPU to a FX9590 (fasted am3+ socket cpu) i believe. faster clock speeds will help.

Alternatively, build a new PC with modern hardware. will make a world of difference. intel 10700k is where i'd start. 32GB of ram is cheap. and a graphics card depending what you need.