How to manage incoming calls


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Get an auto attendant and have the caller press a number before connecting... It will eliminate nearly ALL spam calls.

Mine says "Thanks for calling such and such sign company. Please press 0 to be connected to a member of our team"

I heard one this week that said something like "We hate SPAM phone calls, so please press 1 to indicate your a human"

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Tex's blow up "Auto Assistant".


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She ain't holding no phone. Phones don't have cords............ do they ??

Ha, that's funny. Cabin we rented this summer had a corded "house" phone and watching my little nephew use it was hilarious. He's grown up with iphones and ipads and wasn't used to using something with a cord. He kept walking away with it and almost ripped the cord of the wall. :roflmao:


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My vendor has a web portal, so I can block certain calls, we also have a phone tree, 1 for cs, or 9 "if you are a vendor or want to be a vendor," if they leave a message it goes to email. I had my phone company program into one my phone keys that says spam. So if they should press one, I just switch them to spam. We use yealinks 127g