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how to market trimless channel letter wholesale product

Bradley D

I'm wondering what would be the most effective way to market a new wholesale product to the sign industry. We are located in the Dallas area and make specialty channel letters--essentially nicer looking channel letters without trim cap. We are UL listed and our trimless letters can be made small and complex. We also don't need to charge and arm and leg for them since we have the process fairly well streamlined with automatic equipment. I was considering the following methods:

1) spend money on advertising in a sign industry magazine
2) send sample letters to contacts I have in the sign industry
3) hire an outside sales representative
4) participate in local trade show
5) participate in ISA

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm posting some pictures of samples of letters that can be fabricated.


Bradley D

You could become a merchant member here. It pays off for many

I thought I would respond to my own question since i didnt get much help from others on this question and some time has passed. I started doing many things but using google ads to sell trimless channel letters has worked the best so far with trade shows coming in second. I usually browse the web with an adblocker but a lot of people do not. I think the key with google ads is making sure you limit the keywords to something that makes you unique. They charge $2 to $6 per click for my ad.