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How to offset or create even outline.


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I'm trying to figure out how to outline something in Corel X3. In Autocad, it would be the offset command.

Take a look at my example. The desired result is an outline - with an even width around the rectangle.

The "bad" was a copy/paste + hold shift while stretching a corner.
The "good" was the bad+shift/stretch corner, then shift/stretch top center. I suspect there's a better way.

I'm trying to apply this concept to text. I want to create an outline in one color of vinyl, and layer a second color on top - without having to manipulate each letter individually.



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Coutur tool

on your effects menu go to countur you should see a window pop uo that will give you the options of size, amount of countours and other choices. make one outline then break countour apart and that should give you what you want