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How to paint onto PVC


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I am looking to replace a wooden sign I once made with another identical one using PVC so its more weather resistant. It will also require being painted. I generally use acrylic on my wood signs and they are more for indoor use, but are there any steps I need to take when it comes to painting on PVC? Does the paint stick? Should it be sealed with something after?


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Is there any prep that needs to be made first like priming? Or anything after painting?

We lightly sand the edges of the letters and Scotchbrite the faces and then fog coat the first coat. You do have to wait a day to do the second coat, but it covers pretty well and levels really nicely. It creates a really nice hard finish that doesn't need any topcoat.


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We spray all of our PVC and we prime with 2 part epoxy (a loto of guys dont prime, but we do) We use BEHR paint, satin. had excellent results....BE SURE you tell your distributor you want exterior pvc