Question How to prevent CJV 150 flagging empty cartridge, please?

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Hello there! Please help me:

I have a temporary issue and I need somehow to either:
1) stop the chip flagging ink end or
2) stop the software sending ink consumption info or
3) stop the machine sensors receiving ink consumption information (but keep printing)
4) or whatever idea you guys have

I use SS21 ink and I need one specific color cartridge not to tell the machine that ink ended.
I've read somewhere that if I kept that device on the side of cartridge held down (see photo), it wouldn't allow the chip to flag the cartridge as empty, but this solution is so simple that I can't believe it will work. What do you think?

Let me explain why I need to do this: I have 2 color lines missing on my printhead (you can check my history in my posts) and because I can't buy a new head right now, I keep printing with increased ink limits and density to compensate for the missing lines. But because the machine and the RIP software don't know there's 2 missing lines, the machine is receiving information that a lot of ink is being used when in fact it is not. I have an almost full magenta cartridge that's flagging 25% left, when in truth it's about 80% left (I weighted it). So I need it not to flag ink end when it reaches 0% because when this happens, there may be about 50% ink left.

Thanks in advance!


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