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how to print end to end in Roland VersaCAMM SP-300


New Member
hi ,
i need help with versa camm sp 300.... how would i be able to print end to end...... also what other matterials it prints on. you guys help would be appriciated thanks alot

CW Graphix

New Member
The Versa Camm cant print the full 30 inches like other machines can! I think the most I have got out of mine is 29 inches. Other material I have used is I have printed with the Oracal 651 751 851- PLus you can get a neat effect with the etched material from Mactac and printed with that looks cool on the glass.

I also use the Orajet material from Oracal. Prints great(3651 & 3951)
plus the Coburns Diamond plate prints pretty cool effects. The Versa Camm also prints wonderful on Banner material! Hope this helps!


New Member
CW Graphix is correct. 29 inches is the max print area on the Versacamm, 1 inch is reserved for the friction feed rollers.

As far as media goes, the versacamm will print on just about anything with the proper heat and profile settings. Its probably easier to say what it wont print on. Ive personally printed on vinyls from Avery, 3M, Oracal, Roland and Metamark. You can print on stanadard sign vinyl, but you do get better results on vinyl that was meant to be printed on. As stated above you can print directly to banners.