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How to save a vector file from Adobe to Corel?


New Member
How do I save an image that was vectorized in PhotoShop and be able to read all the vectors in CorelDraw so that it can furthermore be cleaned up in Corel?
Weird Question AYE?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
If you don't have Illustrator, I'm not certain the following will work. Whenever I do the following i always then open the file in Illustrator where I must then execute a Release Cropmarks command before the vectors are useable.

Export > Paths to Illustrator then Open or Import into Corel using the manually selected Illustrator AI EPS filter. The paths will most likely have no fills or strokes so be prepared to switch to wireframe view to be able to see them. If this doesn't work, you will most likely find the problem to be the cropmark issue mentioned above.