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How to slow down FC7000-75


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I just got my Graphtec 2 days ago and had the same problem. Your plotter is set to let the software control the settings. It took some time, but on the users manual on the CD, it tells you how to turn the override off. If you cant find it, post another message, and i will post the instructions on how this is done.


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I just found it. When your plotter is on, loaded, and ready to cut, follow these steps at the plotters control panel:
Press the menu key, press the next key 3 times, pres the F/2 key next to BACK ROUND SETTINGS, press the next key 2 times, you should see the heading CONDITION PRIORITY, press the F/3 key and the asterisk should move next to manual, press the enter key to save, and press menu to exit the menu mode. You are now able to change the speed, pressure and so on at the cutters control panel.
Hope this helps.


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The variable you want is 'Conditiion Priority' in the Background Settings, set it to 'Manual'