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How would you set this up? Mutoh Falcon and Graphtec CE5000-120


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The Mutoh is a Falcon Outdoor Junior 38" wide eco-sol ultra machine.

Right now I've got the Mutoh version of Scanvec's Photoprint 4.05 DX software.

I can upgrade it for $700ish, and the rep says that it'll print/cut just like the Flexi that he demoed... I am NOT using it for design - I primarily use Corel 12, but can upgrade that easily.

Primary use for the machines coupled will be decals, short run bumperstickers, and some window and vehicle signage.

Any solutions for running straight out of corel? I'm VERY green about the sign stuff - my background is wide format photo stuff, from HP to Encad to Epson 9000, 10600 and 9800...

If it's okay, I'm also going to post this in the Graphtec forum... If not, I figure I'll get slapped... Better to beg for forgiveness I guess...


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No need to double post! Fred the Admin. doesn't appreciate it. Sorry I can not help you, but I don't think there is a way to print and cut out of Corel without some sort of bridge program.


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Oops... Sorry... I'd slap myself on the forehead, but I'm beat... Wrestled with the Mutoh all morning, and bought materials all afternoon... And then moved 'em in... And my neighbor is going to help me wrestle the Mutoh down a flight of stairs in a little while...

Is that enough penance?