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HP 26500 Idle?


New Member
I just got an HP 26500 and I have the setting to idle after 30 minutes, but is there a way to force it to idle? I'm probably only going to use this things once per week starting out. Should I just let it idle all the time so it will do it's thing or can I power it down? I never had one of these before, so I am clueless about this. I searched but couldn't find anything. Thanks!


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When I had the L25500 I did both depending on how frequently I used it. I don't think it matters either way, non that I could tell.


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You should leave it on so once in a while it will go through and keep the heads from clogging. That is the theory but it obviously will waste ink in doing so.


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HP claims the ink lines fail faster if you power cycle because of the pressurization / depressurization fatiguing the plastic and connections. So the pennies saved powering down will ultimately cost dearly when the lines fail. At least that is what HP claims.

Regardless, it costs little to leave it on and you should exercise the nozzles every few days by printing something or running a test print. The capping station is decent but the nozzles can dry out, particularly in a low humidity setting. The amount of ink used for a periodic test print is much less than the amount of ink used trying to unclog nozzles.


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I have the printer since it came out. If I need it during the day, I will power it up in the morning and power it down at the end of the day. Sometime, It could be few days without power it up. I just make sure to print at least once every 5 days if I'm closed for vacation as an example.


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Former 26500 user here. It's better to just leave the printer on so it can run its automated maintenance cycles. Leaving the printer completely powered down is not recommended. You will have problems with clogged heads.