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HP 560 streaks on display film


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First time printing on a 36" roll of Sihl 3248 and the graphic is coming out with vertical streaks (aka running length of media, not width) that are only visible when viewing it at an angle.
I feel like I've had issues like this with other display films but honestly can't remember at the moment (its been a long week o_O )
Tried hitting it with a heat gun as it was coming out so that it didn't get messed up on the take up reel, but that didn't seem to have any affect.

Im assuming this is an issue with the ink/optimizer curing but don't have enough experience to know for sure.
I was playing around with the heat and interpass delay, but since I was only printing ~70in worth of material I dont think the changes had enough time to have a visible effect.
I'm also thinking it could have something to do with the curing unit because we've had issues with it in the past.

Can someone with more knowledge tell me how I could fix this?
Or is this another typical limitation of latex printing that's considered 'sellable quality'?


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Peter Martins

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I've had load of trouble with vertical banding.

Failed to sort it, after many attempts.

Stuff went out and was just about accepted.

Then we put on a new roll of media.

Suddenly everything was perfect.

Good luck


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Before anything I would check if the machine does this with other substrates. Maybe try the same material but different brand?


Digital Print Orchestrator
We have the sane thing happening with our 360 using a variety of media. I believe its from the heater elements needing replacing. we just took apart the heater box and unplugged all the small holes which were filled with latex ink dust. That helped but did not eliminate the issue. I have a tech coming to service another unit tomorrow and I'll see what he has to say.


Digital Print Orchestrator
Narrowed down for this media DreamScape Caviar with bad coating (lines in the coating transmitting right through the ink). 4 rolls in the same lot # with other perfectly fine rolls.


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Coaeleacence of sorts. Next time try wiping with ipa before printing a test. I’ve had it really show up on banner material that has aged


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Maybe because of the printbed-design. Does the streaks lineup with the pits and lands of printplaten? Try to reduce vacuum as much as possible.


Try to reduce vacuum as much as possible.
My thoughts exactly, though now I'm discovering that every post with the correct answers, as well as the awful answers I've given, are toast. Man that's disappointing, but I'll count this as a win for reclaiming a bunch of trade secrets that I've divulged too quickly.