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HP DesignJet L25500 with a 90 day warranty, Thoughts


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My old GS6000 died and I found a refurbished HP DesignJet L25500 [HASHTAG]#CH956A[/HASHTAG] with a 90 day warranty for around 5k, what do you guys think of these printers, is it worth the price and do they last?

Christian @ 2CT Media

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No, Hp is not supporting this machine. They no longer make ink, heads, cleaning kits, or repair parts. There is aftermarket ink but not heads or cleaning kits.... This machine is essentially a paperweight.
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We have two collecting dust. Good 1st gen solution with 1st gen problems, but support being dropped and supplies/parts becoming hard to find. With new HP 115 being advertised at $7295 and 315 for 11,995 you can have better inks, new warranty or if you are serious about color, jump to one with a photo spectrometer built in like the 365.


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I just listed one on eBay.
It runs beautifully but yes, HP has discontinued it as a model because they constantly want you to buy their new models.
It was very funny when they came out with the 365 which is the exact same printer as the 360. The only new thing on the 365 was firmware but yet you can upgrade the 360 to the same firmware. They just added the 5 so it looks like it’s a new model and they increased sales.