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HP L26500 making weird grinding/clicking sound when rewinding

Pat Whatley

New Member
Our HP L26500 had a media jam yesterday like we've never had before. The vinyl material wrapped around the roller that advances and rewinds the vinyl. It took a couple of hours to finally work it all out of the machine. Load new material, start it up, it prints just as good as ever. Only problem is that about 4" in from the right side two of the rollers are pressing the material hard enough to indent it but they only do it at the beginning when the printer feeds out vinyl then rewinds it (6"-8"). When it's rewinding it makes a clicking/grinding noise.

Anyone have any ideas on this?


New Member
Do you mean the smalls black plastic roller? If yes, pull the blue lever, take them off and check if one of them is broken. I've had a similar problem in the past and 2 of the rollers was broken. There is few replacement in the maintenance package when you buy the printer.