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HP L310 Colors

I finally ditched my L25500. I had a banding issue show up when trying to print Pantone 1405 brown, and after putting in all new inks and print heads and hours of testing I never could get it back right again. I found a used Latex 310 fairly close to me so I picked it up for what I think was a pretty good deal. So far I am impressed with it for the most part. It is easier to operate and heats up much quicker. 90% of the printing I do is on reflective, and so far in my testing it prints pretty nice colors, but only when using the Briteline 2203 profile. The reflective profiles leave a lot to be desired. After finding a profile that seemed to work I decided to tackle the job that I needed the 1405 brown for again. Well... it printed without banding, but the brown was much lighter. I have now spent two whole days trying to match the 1405 brown my 25500 spit out without any luck. It seems like the 310 can't get as "rich" or "vibrant" of a brown. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Is it just me or are the colors coming off of these new printers washed out and milky looking?



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Believe me HP Latex are bad printers when it comes to color consistency. You get some good prints in the beginning then you have to deal with printheads change, figure out which profile is suited to the media you're printing on it and finally you need to change cartridges seen the high ink saturation on the Latex.

The Latex 360/365 support better reflective media then the 315/335. I advise you to ask a HP tech to help you how to resolve that issue. You can also post you thread on HP Latex Knowledge Center, choose the right section and copy it. https://hplatexknowledgecenter.com/
I don't think jpescobars comment is entirely correct. I believe that the 310/315 and 360/365 all have about the same medias available to them. I don't think there is a material the 360 can do that the 310 can't do. I may be wrong. But they are basically the same machines at heart. If you go to the media solutions page for HP you can look at all profile available for all latex machines. Anything reflective that the HP 360 has also has a profile for the 310 and I think that is across the board.
That being said printing colors on reflective with a translucent ink will always be very difficult the 3M traffic colors profiles offer pretty good conversion though.


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Have you tried adjusting the media settings at all? You can increase print density pretty easily from there. I think I was running 110 or 120 on reflective here. Usually the media profiles on the printer side require tweaking to get it right where you want it (I notice a tendency for a lot of the stock profiles to set the machine to max temperature).