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Need Help HP L360 and flexi question


Centex Wraps and Signs
So I am making a run of 8' but the graphic will only eat up about 25" of material down the side. It will be the bottom to a sign. I am trying to remember how to go about reprinting the other section with some misc decals etc so as not to end up with a 3' x 8' scrap.

I think I used to go into flexi and in rip set media offset or something from left side then measure out a safe margin and add the other decals and do another print aligning to bottom left. Sound right? why dont i rip them all together? because all that is a HUGE file after i duplicate all the decals to fill the holes, I mean like 2.5 gigs. Ripped at full size, maybe I will pop there and see what ripping at 10% or something does and enlarge to 1000%


THanks in advance.

P.S. my rolands were so much easier there, feed material back then set the origin where i wanted then print away....


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I do this all the time not to waste material. Just lay out the 25" x 96" piece in a new page that is approximately 52" x 100" then add all the other stickers or signs next to it. It its to large to rip for some reason I would reduce the size of the image you are copying over and over to fill the space.