Need Help HP Latex 110 error and wont turn on


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Hey, I have a Hp Latex 110 and was running perfect for the pass year and just the other day I was printing a banner and it did a head strike and now it wont turn back on and keep saying this error code 02.1:10. Has anyone ever had this happen and know how to fix it.


Either means your carriage circuit board died or the cables got dislodged (mainly trailing cable). Open it up and double check the cables are snug, if that doesn't work you might need a new circuit board or the cable was damaged.


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the light turns on, I took the print heads off and it still throws the error code. does anyone see anything wrong?


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According to the service manual that message means it is not getting a proper signal from the carriage board. Based on the fact you do have power to the carriage board the manual says replace the carriage board itself, if that didn't fix it then engine pca next, then lastly the trailing cable.

Before replacing any parts I would inspect the trailing cable (the one with the larger connection) for any damage and make sure that the connection on both ends are seated well. We just serviced a L360 that had a trailing cable where the shielding was broken in about 6 different spots.


Like Chris already said, definitely check the trailing cable connection first and re-plug the cable. After that I'd try with a new carriage PCA and if that doesn't help (it should fix the issue) a new trailing cable.
Hard to believe that anything else would have broken if it was after a crash.