Need Help HP Latex 115 Not Curing Fully


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Hey Sign Making community, I have an issue I hope one of you might know the answer to. We have an HP Latex 115 that is not curing properly. HP has replaced most of the boards, harddrive, pressure sensor (pip), air pressure sensor and all the heating elements. The machine is also clean. Mainly, perfect greys (with clean hue option in flexisign so only black is printing) 10%-30% come off the most then any other ink combo. What I think is going on, is the optimizor is too thick for small ink dots and it does not cure because of that. I can print grey with zero optimizor and it does not rub off. Once I add even a small percentage of optimizor (which is needed for almost all images), the greys rub off. Really this goes for any light colors, just the most with perfect light greys. Orginally I thought it was a firmware issue. Im not entirely sure what the actual issue is, those are just my theories and HP doesnt know either. Any Ideas would be great. Thanks

Material used is: HP Prime Matt GP, HP Gloss Air Optimum (all with HP Material Profiles)

Side Note: There is two theories that exist in HP regarding Optimizor. Number one, it holds the ink dot suspended in optimizer, so it doesnt spread out. The other belief is, it is a bonding agent as well as suspending the ink. I always thought it was the first theory.


I do not know the 360, 330, &115 Printer. I went from the 26500 to the 560.

The 265 did not use optimizer. The 560 uses 2 printheads for the Optimizer,
and my understanding from HP is it does not use any more than the other printers that use optimizer

We have had similar issues on both printers and in both cases it has come down to the Heat settings on the printer.
There is one particular job we run that lays down a heavy volume of ink.
With the 260 we had the oily feel on the surface and the 560 ink was not fully cured.

The 260 we increase temps by a few degrees until ink was cured correctly.

With the 560 we loaded 3m IJ 180 cv3 but used the setting of the IJ35 to raise the temp.
Ink was not fully cured so we used the interpass delay and Perfection!

Another trick is to increase the number of printhead passes.
If you are using 8 pass, the increase to 12 or 16 passes what ever your printer & software allows.
The increase of passes will slow down the output allowing additional curing time.

I use FlexiSign and control these settings from the program manager.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the reply. It is helpful to see what others are dealing with. I did increase the interpass delay and passes without success, however. Sometimes I wonder if the software is not actually getting to temperature. I may try it with lower the optimizer, so that might be a very helpful portion.