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Hello all,

I have been running into a strange issue while trying to print double-sided banners on an 18oz blockout vinyl banner material. I am having no issues with the quality, and seemingly no print alignment issues at first, but turns out that my side A prints have somehow been printing almost 0.5" shorter than 100% actual size. Side B prints at exact size (44.0"), but side A measures 43.5". I have double-checked my quicksets, as I have one for side A and one for side B, since they are two different graphics. Everything seems to be in order. All output areas are reading 100%, the file sizes state that the length should be 44.0", and the RIP also ready 44.0". I managed to print a set of 8 banners where they all lined up to size, but every other set that I sent after that has come out incorrectly. I'm so confused. Supposed to output 46 of these banners by next Thursday, and I can't even get more than 8 to print correctly. I've burned through so much material :frustrated:

Left and right registration is on point, it's the top and bottom lengths that are uneven. Of course, I had no idea until I printed all of side B, then went to finish trim them to size and found the issue.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Feeling a lot like my profile pic today.......