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HP Latex Cutter/Flexi 12 - not finishing cut


New Member
I finally managed to tune up my HP Latex Cutter Basic 54 and it's working OK.
But today it did not finish my cut (attached image, colors are inverted to be easier to see).

Software: Flexi Print&Cut 12
Cutter: HP Latex Cutter Basic 54 - ethernet connection

It was file for my shop, so no biggie, file size around 650kb. - lot of small stuff, paint to weed.

Does anybody know how do I need to change something in HP Cutter Control?
Also I uploaded picture of my settings.
Any idea?


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i've had something like that happen before, IIRC I think it had to do with my paneling setup in my plot/cut dialog, but i would expect it to move and make the finishing cuts in another place on the roll if that was the case.