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HP Scitex 500 - removing white option

I want to remove the white ink option from my Scitex 500. I just don't use it much and the automatic cleaning cycle is wasting more ink than I print per ink box. I am very handy and tech-y. I do all the maintenance on my solvent and latex printers. Wondering if anybody has done this themselves on a Scitex and can give me some pointers or a quick run down or even words of caution. TIA, any and all info would be appreciated.


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You dont need to be tech-y. Just enter the menu „System -Tools - User cleaning and maintenance“ and select „Change ink set“. You will be guided through the conversion procedure. You just need a set of light inks. After changing the ink chips two times and the ink set one time, the machine will convert the ink set automatically inbetween two hours.

Drain the service station before starting.