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Need Help HP Service close to pittsburgh PA


New Member
anyone know of a good company who can work on HP flatbeds close to pittsburgh?? i'm getting killed by travel costs from original company i bought from because they are in wisconsin


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all of our work is done thru bell and howell techs. since theyve started contracting out their tech work its kind of a crapshoot who you get. do you call hp directly or do you call the company from which you bought the printer for normal tech service?


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We use ARC and the tech comes out of the Dayton area I think (we are in Cleveland). He is great. Not sure if he travels to PA or they might have a tech in your area. $200 call out charge then time on site. Best deal I have found yet. Contact Susan at ARC, she will be able to point you in the right direction:


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