huge glass install ( dry ? )


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Since I got so much helpful advise on my last post here's one more ! I have an interior glass job to do in Charlotte NC , it's about 100 windows forming a picture from the outside . I'm using 2 layers . first is a transparant print on clear , and second is a transparent white panel to darken the clear print . ( customers spec not my choice ) Anyway i'd love to get more info on the dry application method . as this would save me a HUGE amount of time . prints are 46 " x 140 " each . we did one in time square and it came out great but took two days with a wet install . no bubbles , but tons of time ...... Any advise ? or anyone experianced in NC looking to be a sub ?
like i said. use the hinge method.

send out two ppl to install one to hold the other side of the graphic one to squeegee.
if the guy holding is not skilled at holding the graphic taunt apply the edge to a straight edge, broom handle so that equal pressure is applied to the entire graphic making it smooooth going for the installer.

wam bam thank you mam


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why not laminate the first print layer with second white layer at factory. Why cant'nt it be wet applied