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Need Help Hydro-Dipping, fire hazard?


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Was recently sent a Facebook link about a Hydro-Dipping company that is wanting to sell off their equipment.
They are claiming the city is requiring them to install a fire suppressant system or stop offering the service.
This seemed odd since this company has been doing this service years based upon their Facebook posts and this process is based around water. Or am I missing something?

I am interested in this, but need more information / opinions from those who already do this service.
  • what part of Hydro-Dipping is flammable that would require a fire suppressant system.
  • Do you need a special license to handle firearms?
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A buddy of mine his brother bought the whole setup a few years back. I don't know about the fire suppressant system due to my buddies brother doing work out of his garage, but he never ran into any flammable or fire problems. He did a contract with Cabela's on a few of there weapons and i am 99.9% sure you don't need a license to handle since the gun is in pieces and non operable at the time (but don't take my word on that ).

Best of luck !


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I have a friend that does it, and I can't speak to the fire hazard, but he had to get his FTL license. Most of the time you take full firearms in and have to disassemble them.


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As far as I understand it, you have to spray a solvent to dissolve the liner. Most solvents like that are flammable. It's similar to paint booth regulations I would assume.