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I am seeing Spots...


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when I print on 3 mil material. Prints ( for the most part ) on 2 mil look good, some banding here & there, not perfect, but good. When I print on 3 mil, I get "Blotchy" looking results ( kinda looks like leopard skin ). I have played with the heat settings...lower seems to help, but still there. Does not matter where in the roll I print. I am using 2 mil on "Everything" as a crutch...bummer for the bottom line.

Arlon "Digital" materials
Newest Wasatch

PS...Unfortunately the only profiles I have are for the MetaMark or 3M material, 2 or 3 mil, but works ok on 2 mil.


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I think this may be a moisture absorbing issue. Some medias absorb moisture and will be noticeable in your printing and give the "Leopard" type look after printing.

I saw the same thing happen to me when I got a roll of Orajet 3651 from Sign Warehouse (Back East) "Leopard spots" but when I got the same media local from Product Sign Supply or Denco there were no spots.

Hope that helps.


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I have a similar problem when printing on cheaper vinyl, seems like the vinyl doesn't absorb the ink as well as the higher end vinyls.