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I can use corel to printcut but can't make just lines that cut and NOT print

All right. I got the Roland PC600 to print a letter that I'd typed and enlarged and colored and made a CutContour line around but now I can't make just plain old vinyl, vector? Rastor?, images that you JUST cut.

I was able to fiddle and paste some clip art that I am thinking is just for cutting not printing and cutting to make a neat design yet every time I try to print it using the Roland Color Choice software it shows that it is gearing up to print not just cut.

The Roland has no yellow ink so it is unable to print yet I would think it could still cut.

I even tried the Adobe Streamline, older version, to convert the image though I am not certain exactly WHAT it is converting it as.

Any tutorials on how to use Corel Draw X3 to make just the regular cutting things? I am also having trouble just drawing on coreldraw. I did the coffee cup logo tutorial fine and learned some things though.

Thank You.

Fred Weiss

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You need to have no fills applied to the vectors and only the designated stroke that defines the contour cut to your software.
I think I understand that. No fill color, that makes sense, but I am not sure what a designated stroke is.

And I've seen images that are black and white on the screen yet they still only cut. Like the black is the vinyl so you can better visualize your stuff.

This is a link to a picture I uploaded. I thought I saved it as a .tiff, also did .eps, but for some reason the extension says .png. *shrug* I cannot see the extensions on Windows XP and so I don't know what file I am uploading.

<a href="http://imageshack.us"><img src="http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/2618/untitledpz4.png" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" /></a>

What if I did something offline then scanned it into the computer, I am a 'real media artist', I saw that tutorial on the bitmaps thing in the Coreldraw help section but after that, it isn't a bitmap any more and I am not certain how I can just get lines and no fill.

Sorry, I am still learning.


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Are you trying to cut a bitmap or image file? If so they are not cut ready files. You need to have cut paths like and eps file to be able to just cut. If it is a image file try removing the background and adding a cut path for the cutter to follow.


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Extensions in XP

Xp defaults to hiding the extensions. If you want to see the extensions it is simple to switch.

Go to 'Start', 'Settings', 'Control Panel', then 'Folder Options'. At the top, there is a Tab for 'View'. Scroll down and de-select the button in front of "Hide extensions of known file types". After that, it will show the extensions so you can see what you are working with.

Hope that helps.

As well, if you are working with an image file (like a .png from Fireworks), you would have to convert it to a vector format with CorelTrace or any other trace program. Otherwise the cutter only recognizes the bounding box at the outside of the image file.



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Just import the png file into CorelX3. Convert to RGB bitmap, 300DPI, to get the blacks the same. They are 2 different blacks in you bitmap. Go to bitmaps, select "trace bitmap", select line art or detailed logo, trace bitmap, adjust detail and smoothing as needed. You now have a cut ready graphics. Set the cutcontour line with no fill and send to the rip as EPS cut only